Triangle NC

Welcome to the Triangle NC Information Page. The Triangle NC is a group of Repeaters and Digital modes used by people from the North Carolina area and around the world. There are several ways to access the Triangle. Below is the information you need to join the fun.

DMR Repeater

If you live or will be passing through the Cary, NC area here is the info you will need to join in.

TX: 441.3625 MHz
RX: 446.3625 MHz
Shift: 5.000 MHz
CC: 1

TS1: Full-time to XRF054 C (TG31254). Open for all dynamic TG activity including parrot tests. Use TG2 for Local.

TS2: Full-time to Triangle NC (TG31371). Please do not use for dynamic TG's. Parrot tests allowed if Triangle NC is not in use.

Please do not initiate private calls (except calls to parrot ID 9990) through this repeater on either time slot


Using a Hotspot or on another repeater? We have you covered. Join us on Talk Group 31371


Not on DMR? That is no problem, if you have a hotspot and a C4FM Radio connect to our YSF Reflector.

Port: 42000
Click Here to access our dashboard.


Yea we have that too. Although it is not currenlty linked to the Trangle NC DMR Talk Group. A lot of our members play on P25. With a P25 Radio and a Hotspot, you can join us on P25. Here is the info you will need.

Port: 41000
TG: 31371
Click Here to view our dashboard.
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