Here you will find some download for your Radio or Raspberry PI. Please feel free to download what you want, all download are free and you can use at your own risk.

Raspberry PI Images

DV4Mini Raspberry Pi 8GB

This Images is designed for the DV4Mini with the latest Control Panel. Features Include:

  • Latest Raspian Image (Pixel)
  • Designed for 8GB SD Cards
  • Latest DV4Mini Control Panel
  • DV4Mini Control Panel Updater (You will no longer have to change replace pi images to get the latest Control Panel).
  • Includes the BMXTG Dailer
  • Includes the Control Center
  • Includes the MD380 Tools Uploader and Updater
  • Preconfigured with VNC and TeamViewer Support
  • Configured so that the DV4Mini Control Panel start automatically, so you can run this version headless (must configure the first time you use it)

TYT MD380 Codeplugs

In the digital world of Ham Radio, CodePlugs are very important, and sometime the most difficult thing to get right. Below are some CodePlugs that you may use to get you started.

TYT MD380/390 Basic Plug

This codeplug is very basic it includes 1 zone, 2 contacts and is designed to get you on the air fast when using the DV4Mini.  You will need to adjust the Frequency you are using in the Channels Information section, it must match your Frequencies in you DV4Mini.

You will also need to add your CallSign and DMR ID in the General Settings.  Make the needed changes and upload to your radio and you are ready to get on the air.

TYT MD380 Advanced CodePlug

This is a very advanced codeplug created by KC7JOE out of Phoenix, Az.  This codeplug is designed for Arizona but can be changed to fit your needs.

This codeplug will NOT work on a DV4Mini, it is designed for other hotspots.  I am giving you access to this codeplug for you to check out and learn how to create a monster codeplug.  If you like and use it drop Joe a note and let him know.

This Code plug is the actual code plug I use in my MD-380. You are free to download it and adjust it to your needs. Be sure to adjust the general section to insert your DMR ID and Call Sign.

There is currently 906 digital contacts with 201 channels in 25 zones.

Kenwood TM-281A 65W 2M 144MHz FM Mobile Amateur Radio
  • Current Price: $149.89
  • Ends: Apr 7, 2020 16:53:41 CDT